Focus on the Customer

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Market intelligence is the key to helping industry and government improve the effectiveness of their strategic and investment decision making.

Our Market Intelligence Cell helps UK stakeholders identify markets needs and drivers and so determine compelling propositions, whilst promoting collaboration (UK and overseas) and advocating leading edge tailored UK solutions focused on meeting the customers’ needs.

The Market Intelligence Cell

The UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC) has developed a Market Intelligence Cell – a unique, systematic and codified database of defence export market insights and market intelligence information. This valuable resource delivers in-depth insights into the UK defence export market to help industry and government better understand international customers’ needs. It is available for a range of stakeholders and Communities of Interest to use .

  • is an accessible source of information and advice for the UK value chain and government
  • helps companies understand international market drivers through our systematic, codified database
  • informs and helps prioritise UKDSC studies and Capability Roadmapping, so the UK value chain can focus on developing solutions that are tailored to the needs of customers and partners.
Market Intel

Global Research, UK Expertise

The UKDSC systematically gathers and collates market information from many sources around the world. We also carry out our own strategic research using a wide array of sources, including globally recognised institutions, consultancies, think tanks and strategic institutions.

We collaborate with the UK Government, and we’re uniquely placed to analyse complex information to get the most out of it. Information from Defence Growth Partnership partner companies and the broader UK value chain also helps to improve the quality and accuracy of the Market Intelligence Cell.

Develop Better Solutions

To build the Market Intelligence Cell, we analysed the global defence business environment, including global needs, trends and drivers, as well as country-specific defence requirements.

Collaborate with Purpose

Our Market Intelligence Cell is available to companies that collaborate with the UKDSC. Contact us to get started.