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The UK Defence Solutions Centre is home to the Joint Economic Data Hub (JEDHub) and is a collaborative initiative to improve the understanding of the defence sector’s contribution to the UK economy. Designed to provide better, consistent, and impartial data, the JEDHub is supported by government, industry and academia.

JEDHub considers the economic contribution the defence sector makes to the UK economy in a number of ways – including its national and regional contribution; its contribution to skills and productivity; as well as its impact on international trade and the broader UK supply chain.

The latest 2024 Annual
Economic Report is
now available.

The third Annual Economic Report 2024 continues to support the JEDHub’s efforts in quantifying the contribution of the UK defence sector to the wider economy.

The report, based on the findings of the 2023 JEDHub Industry Survey, covers the following themes:

  1. People in Defence
  2. Investment and Skills
  3. Defence Value
  4. Defence Trade
  5. Defence Supply Chain

Data and Methodologies

Data and Methodologies from the 2024 JEDHub Annual Economic Report.

Data associated with the report is available to download by clicking here.

The accompanying methodology annexes are available to download by clicking here.