The UKDSC Innovation & Collaborative Engagement Lab (ICE Lab) brings together a diverse range of people, industries and stakeholders to encourage innovation through collaboration.

All ICE Lab activity is focused on solving our customers’ challenges to enhance their capabilities.


Engaging with people and organisations from across the UK value chain that don’t usually work together, the UKDSC ICE Lab facilitates exploitation routes for new and innovative defence capabilities from UK R&D for international markets.

ICE Lab brings together a diverse range of technologists and innovators in a reconfigurable laboratory environment to promote stakeholder engagement, industrial collaboration and commercial product exploitation via Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) organisations. Every participant in the ICE Lab benefits from collaboration.

Ice Lab 1


Ice Lab 2

The UKDSC analyses international defence markets, trends, drivers, potential threats and vulnerabilities to understand what each stakeholder really needs. The ICE Lab then assesses up those needs, and brings together the right elements from across the entire UK value chain to collaborate and create innovative capabilities.

Using high-fidelity modelling, simulation and data visualisation techniques, the ICE Lab helps stakeholders to picture how future concepts and innovative UK defence capabilities can address their needs. By visualising the ‘art of the possible’, ICE Lab takes a layer of risk out of the process of developing new deployable capabilities.

Test and Demonstration

For both international stakeholders and the UK value chain, the ICE Lab is a valuable testing and demonstration environment. Collaboration is fully encouraged and scenario based use-case modelling is used to help build and visualise future international defence markets and capabilities.

ICE Lab lets you test and demonstrate your ideas in a flexible, reconfigurable environment, which is completely free of charge for the UK value chain engaged with UK defence exports. You can engage with the UK and international defence industries and use our modelling, simulation and visualisation technologies to support your challenges.


The ICE Lab is a non-partisan collaboration environment that the whole UK value chain can access. UKDSC supports UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation (UKTI DSO) and DGP activities to provide an impartial view of current markets, drivers and future trends and what the UK can provide to support and shape the international market.

This means UK innovations aren’t just one company’s view: they are the result of collaboration from across the industry. It’s a true, unbiased representation of what the UK can offer.