Develop UK Capability

The capability team is comprised of an array of multi-faceted individuals, with decades worth of experience and specialism within the defence sector. Utilising our partners in the British armed forces, government, industry, and academia – we work alongside our international partners to form agile teams; to deliver success, build shared knowledge and formalise needs and interests of all involved parties.

Below are the Capability themes we have identified as having the strongest potential of growth, derived from extensive rigorous market analysis. Allowing the UKDSC to align UK and international capability needs and drivers to create shared benefit.

Get Involved

Through the Communities of Interest (COIs), the UKDSC brings key parts of the UK value chain together to respond differently, more cohesively and more innovatively to meet identified emerging needs. The UKDSC is currently running 3 COIs. Each has an active membership with a broad range of stakeholders; from prime contractors,  SMEs through to academia.

As the export opportunities are qualified, the UKDSC will engage with the appropriate COI such that it can contribute to the development of the appropriate solution, and identify potential future interventions. This will allow UK industry to best support the specific, market-led export campaigns.

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