Develop UK Capability

Intelligent Planning

The UKDSC has generated capability baseline papers, detailing the current industrial capability of the UK across eight core themes. These core themes were an output of the comprehensive market analysis work, where those capability themes with the strongest growth potential were identified and prioritised. These capability baselines are the launch points for identifying subsequent developments against identified business opportunities.

These eight themes are:

The UKDSC has seen increasing and positive engagement with UK MOD, in particular with the four Front Line Commands and MOD centre.  This is allowing the UKDSC to develop a growing understanding of the UK’s future capability needs and aspirations.

As UKDSC better understands the potential overseas business opportunities for  each of the identified themes, it is able to map these against both the UK baseline industrial capability and UK MOD future needs. This allows UKDSC to determine whether the opportunity can be met through an existing UK capability, will require some further development or aligns with future UK needs and so potentially offers a co-development opportunity.

Team UK Approach

Team UK is a unique ‘Partnership’ between the UK Defence Industry, UK Government, Armed Forces and Academia. The Team UK approach offers customers a way of benefiting from the full breadth of UK defence and security thinking, to meet emerging defence and security needs in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

The UK has a long history of successful international partnerships and is ideally placed to support nations in jointly developing defence and security solutions.

Team UK’s strength is built around four foundations:

  • Government and industry working together
  • Supplying the UK Armed Forces
  • UK industry and innovation excellence
  • UK international defence collaboration

Team UK brings together the best of British defence and security knowledge, experience and technologies to work with overseas academia, industry, armed forces and government to jointly meet defence and security needs.

Get Involved

Through the Communities of Interest (COIs), the UKDSC brings key parts of the UK value chain together to respond differently, more cohesively and more innovatively to meet identified emerging needs. The UKDSC is currently running 3 COIs. Each has an active membership with a broad range of stakeholders; from prime contractors,  SMEs through to academia.

As the export opportunities are qualified, the UKDSC will engage with the appropriate COI such that it can contribute to the development of the appropriate solution, and identify potential future interventions. This will allow UK industry to best support the specific, market-led export campaigns.

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