Here you can find materials, including reports, marketing material and other Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) documentation related to the UK defence industry. If you have any queries please contact us.

  • Spearheading Innovation in Defence summarises the UKDSC’s vision and mission, as well as the strategic aims and actions it is engaged in to develop UK capability and improve the value of investments.
  • Engaging with the UK value chain sets out the UKDSC’s “‘Team UK’” approach, from how UKDSC works with every part of the UK value chain to change how industry, government and academia work together, to how interested parties can engage with UKDSC.
  • Capability Roadmapping – a systematic approach outlines the process and benefits of Capability Roadmapping, including how they work, the stakeholder groups who benefit and what has already been achieved.
  • Unique Market Intelligence for the UK value chain, describes the role of the Market Intelligence Cell within the UKDSC. It covers the UKDSC’s process of gathering intelligence, through to the insight and analysis phase.
  • Innovation – the key to future defence capability gives an overview of how innovation is the standard operating procedure for UKDSC. It also covers how innovation makes the difference in the defence industry, and invites anyone from across the UK value chain to get involved.
  • ICE Lab – visualizing the future of the UK defence export capabilities outlines the exciting addition to UKDSC resources, the Innovation & Collaborative Engagement Lab (ICE Lab). Bringing together teams who wouldn’t normally collaborate on projects, the ICE Lab provides exploitation routes for new and innovative defence capabilities.
  • Maximising innovation exploitation sets out the UKDSC’s work on identifying and developing a variety of investment models for UK defence innovations. These investments are aimed at increasing the probability that innovations will move from concept to military capability.

DGP Publications

Customer Ready 2

This is the third in the series of three documents, published by the DGP which chart the establishment and development of the DGP through to the creation of the UKDSC. This document sets out how the UKDSC was established, what it’s early parameters for operation are, and how it’s unique relationships across industry and government will benefit the UK export industry.

Delivering Growth


This is the second in the series of three documents, published by the DGP. This document sets out the core objectives of the DGP and the  implementation plan developed to deliver these objectives.


Securing Prosperity

This is the first in a series of three documents, published by the DGP. This document sets out the strategic vision and focus of the DGP, based on joint analysis completed by government and industry.