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UKDSC visits Rolls-Royce Defence in Bristol

UKDSC visited Rolls-Royce Defence in Bristol and were hosted on an excellent tour of the Defence Operations Facility. Highlights included several aero and maritime gas turbine engines in various states of assembly and overhaul and the F35 Liftworks facility. This facility produces every 3 Bearing Swivel Module used in every F35B STOVL in service anywhere in the world!  The visit highlighted the uniquely specialist SQEP that we need to retain and recruit in this critical sector.

Samira Braund, CEO of the UKDSC commented “It was great to visit Rolls-Royce today – one of our founding members.  It was fascinating to hear how they provide world-class power and propulsion to global platforms ranging from underwater, above water, land, air to, potentially soon, space. The visit underlined what the UKDSC and DGP can do to help support Rolls-Royce’s preeminent global position.”

UKDSC Communications

UKDSC Communications

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