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UKDSC Visits Osborne Naval Shipyard, Australia.

UKDSC visited world-class Osborne Naval Shipyard and the innovation & training facilities at Tonsley in Adelaide, South Australia. At the state-of the-art shipyard, BAE Systems Australia is building what will be among the world’s most advanced anti-submarine warfare frigates, known as the Hunter class.

At Tonsley, BAE Systems is collaborating with defence industry and education institutions, like Flinders University, to develop and trial innovative manufacturing techniques that will support the shipbuild programme, delivering production efficiencies and safety improvements for workers.

Chris Nunn, UKDSC Executive Director for International Collaboration & Exports, commented “It is amazing to see the government-industry-academia partnerships and investment in Adelaide that is delivering modern manufacturing and construction techniques benefiting the Hunter Class Frigate Programme. There’s no doubt the Osborne shipyard is the envy of any maritime nation.”

UKDSC Communications

UKDSC Communications

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