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UKDSC Visits Japan

During April, UKDSC representatives travelled to Japan for meetings with various partners, including SJAC, JADI and their industry members. The primary focus of the visit was a continuation of the UK-Japan Defence Industry Dialogue (DID). Numerous topics were discussed during the visit, but there were two key subjects: continuation of industrial collaboration and innovation challenges.

A DID took place with SJAC, JADI and representatives from their industry members, along with METI observing. This engagement sought to achieve clarification of how the UK-Japan industry dialogues are to continue throughout 2018, with focus on workshops at Farnborough International Air Show 2018, and Japan Aerospace 2018. The engagement was positive and a roadmap of DID’s was welcomed by all the delegates that participated.

Also, a number of bilateral meetings took place with Japanese industry, where discussions focused on innovation challenges. There was clear enthusiasm from Japanese industry to submit applications to UK Government Open Innovation Challenges during 2018. The UKDSC will continue to support Japanese industry in their involvement with UK Innovation Challenges, with the aspiration to be more focused and mutually beneficial in the long term.

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