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UKDSC supports DSEI Japan 2023

UKDSC is supporting the UK delegation attending DSEI Japan in Tokyo this week. Highlights so far include the pre -show ‘Digital in Defence’ Seminar hosted by HMG, the British Embassy and jointly supported by the UKDSC and The Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies (SJAC).  Delighted to work alongside Takumi Fujino (President – SJAC), Nobuhiro Kawahara (General Manager – SJAC) and Minoru Hanakata (General Manager – SJAC).

The Seminar included a number of enlightening presentations, including a view from Mr Hideki Fukawa, Director for Defence Industry, Aerospace and Defence Industry Division of the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI) of the role METI plays in Japan’s Economic security Policy and a presentation on Japan’s National Security Strategy, National Defence Strategy, and Defence Build Up Plan by Mr. Takahiro ARAKI, Director for International Cooperation Division, Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA) within Japan’s MOD.

The Seminar concluded with an informative panel discussion, hosted by Mr. Michael Formosa, Managing Partner, Renaissance Strategic Advisors, Renaissance Strategic Partners with members of the panel including:

– Rear Admiral Paul Carroll, Director for Innovation & Future Capability, UK MOD Defence Equipment & Support Organisation

– Dr Keith Dear, Managing Director, Centre for Cognitive & Advanced Technologies, Fujitsu

– Professor Tomoyuki FURUTANI, Keio University

– Mr. Ryo SHINODA, COS to Minoru Kihara MP, Secretary General of Research Committee, LDP

– Mr. Katsuo TANAKA, the President of Shinmeywa Aircraft Division

Sincere thanks to the hosts and members of Japanese and UK Industry for such an engaging and informative start to the show and special thanks to Ian Muldowney (COO BAE Systems, Air sector and Defence Growth Partnership, Industry Sponsor) and Frank Clifford OBE, (Head for Americas and Asia Pacific, UKDSE) for their support at the event.

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