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UKDSC Supporting DIT’s Export Strategy

For UK Government to deliver a Global Britain in a Competitive Age, International Trade remains a pivotal tool to support domestic economic growth, whilst shaping the open international order. International Trade allows UK businesses to remain internationally competitive, supporting jobs and prosperity across the nation by exporting goods and services.

The strategic value of defence exports, and indeed the defence trade as a whole, cannot be valued in the same way as a physical transaction. Strong alliances and partnerships worldwide are more important than ever for the UK, and form an important element of assessing the value of the UK’s defence exports.

The UKDSC acts as a strategic partner to UK government and UK Defence Industry. Through analysis on different geographies, technologies and domains, we provide objective, in-depth market intelligence that gives our partners situational awareness of global market environments, and a critical head start in addressing global opportunities for the UK’s defence sector.

We further enhance this analysis by acting as an integrator, leveraging the expertise held within Government, Industry, Armed Forces and Academia to apply extra layers of intelligence to market insights.

In an increasingly competitive global environment, the need for better and more agile ways of integrating government and industry has never been more vital. By looking at market entry models, competitive environments, and cross-sector and G2G relations, the UKDSC supports decision makers to align the UK Defence Sector better, positioning industry to win international business opportunities.

Through independent, objective market insights and intelligence, the UKDSC helps position UK government and industry to deliver export-led growth, enhancing prosperity and keeping the UK at the apex of global innovation.


Linda Cabrera

Linda Cabrera

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Facilitating closer collaboration with customers, collaboration partners and industry, the UKDSC looks out across a 15-year horizon.

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