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The UKDSC is pleased to be invited to contribute to Philip Dunne’s Defence Review

Philip Dunne MP, the former Minister for Defence Procurement, has been asked to conduct a review by Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson of the contribution made by the defence sector to UK prosperity. Speaking after his appointment Mr Dunne said he was pleased to have been asked to undertake the review and he hopes it will help support wider recognition of the economic impact of defence to the United Kingdom, particularly post Brexit.

The DGP and UKDSC met with Mr Dunne on 4th April. The meeting was very informative and productive. Speaking after the meeting, UKDSC CEO, Mark Barclay, said “Mr Dunne understands the defence sector so well and the depth of his knowledge and expertise are invaluable. He is also incredibly inquisitive, which leads me to conclude that his assessment will be very thorough”.




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