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UKDSC Hosts Howard Wheeldon FRAeS

Howard visited the UKDSC on 13th September. He was briefed by the UKDSC senior leadership team and was clearly impressed by the progress and achievements made since the inception of the organisation. He was also able to share some constructive strategic thinking regarding the domestic and international landscapes as they relate to the vision of the UKDSC.


About Howard Wheeldon:

Following an earlier international career, 28 years as an equity analyst covering defence, aerospace & capital goods industries, finishing as Senior Strategist of two large US owned international broking operations, Wheeldon left the ‘City’ in 2012 to work in an independent capacity providing strategic influence support primarily related to military and defence, air power and maritime capability, defence industrial and in providing support for UK defence exports.

A passionate believer in strong UK defence and NATO, Wheeldon is well known by senior members of the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, defence and aerospace industries, UKTI DSO and across government in Whitehall and Westminster. His work is primarily based around providing strategic influence support, engagement and pushing forward the importance that air and maritime power plays within defence, importance of maintaining UK sovereign manufacturing capability and investing in R&D technology.

G Daniels

G Daniels

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