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UKDSC joins The UK Industry NATO Forum

In May this year the UKDSC took up the Chair of an ADS Special Interest Group – The UK Industry NATO Forum (UKINF).  The UKINF currently comprises some 33 companies, including 12 DGP Founder companies.

The primary purpose of the forum is for UK industry to exchange knowledge about NATO, discuss forthcoming business opportunities and agree views ahead of the NIAG plenary sessions – the last of which took also place in May. The UKINF was established to help shape UK industry’s engagement with NATO, recognising that substantial business opportunities exist not only through NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) and NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), but also from individual NATO member states and partner nations. In particular, smaller states look to NATO procurement as a guide to their own national procurement.

As it goes forward, the UKINF will seek to deepen engagement across government to establish how a ‘Team UK’ approach to this often difficult but lucrative market could be established.

For further information on the UKINF please contact either:

Group Facilitator

Kelly-Anne Thomas, ADS Group Ltd (Farnborough)


Paul Day, UKDSC



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