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UK Defence Space Strategy: Operationalising the Space Domain

On Monday 1st February 2022, the MoD released its UK Defence Space Strategy. This strategy outlines Space Command’s and Strategic Command’s space strategy, priorities and vision for the next 10+ years, and complements the National Space Strategy, released by UK Space Agency last September.

Some key takeaways include:
– Delivering the Skynet 6 programme, for which £5bn has already been invested over the next 10 years, to further enhance the UK’s secure satellite communications for defence tasks and government activities
– Investing a further £1.4bn in space technologies over the next 10 years
– Continuing to develop new capabilities to ensure a balanced space portfolio
– Embedding ‘dual use’ and adopting an ‘international by design’ mindset for future capabilities
– Supporting the integrated approach to space, with improved cross-sector collaboration between MOD, wider government, industry, academia and multinational co-operation
– Working with UKSA to establish a combined military and civilian National Space Operations Centre

We are delighted that this paper reiterates the UK’s desire to further expand its defence space capability. It builds on the UK’s strengths in the S&T community, and our already flourishing space industry. The direction is a positive one and the strong investment will augment the process of operationalising of the space domain.

Gabriel Daniels

Gabriel Daniels

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