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Tony Douglas visits the UKDSC

Tony Douglas, Chief Executive of Defence Equipment and Support recently visited the UK Defence Solutions Centre.

During the visit, the UKDSC team presented its strategy in significant depth; focusing on the international export market opportunity, UK capability development strategies, and creating the right conditions for industrial co-investment. UKDSC highlighted its recent support for the Defence Innovation Initiative, and a range of options were explored for closer working between DE&S and UKDSC in support of the Initiative.


Tony Douglas said:

“I was enthused by the briefs. To complement the excellent international market intelligence work there is the requirement to review and make some predictions on the whole question of future defence economies . The DSC has the capacity and capabilities to play an important role in this thinking through the DGP. ”

Steve Brittan said:

“We were delighted to host Tony, and valued his feedback on the UKDSC’s approach to support future growth. In particular, we identified that DE&S is a key partner, that through a programme of operational concept demonstrators will allow the UK to promote its innovations on the World stage.”



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