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Space Surveillance & Tracking 3 Lens Analysis Report

UKDSC has recently published the Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) 3 Lens Analysis.  Sponsored by Space Command, the report contains tangible cross-sector recommendations for short, medium and long term investment, whilst including objective analysis on a wide range of traditional and disruptive technologies that are applicable to creating a world class SST capability for the UK.

The report utilises in-depth examination of SST capabilities in a selection of countries that have the potential to lead to collaboration and export opportunities. The capabilities both solve domestic UK problem statements; but also offer export opportunities with international partners – providing a win-win for UK PLC.

A big thank you from UKDSC to over 30 different UK industry partners, including SMEs, Start-Ups and traditional primes for their contribution into the report.

UKDSC Communications

UKDSC Communications

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