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Refreshed Defence Command Paper

2 years on from the release of the Defence Command Paper (DCP) in March 2021, the refreshed DCP reinforces four important areas central to the ongoing work of the UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC):

1.      Successful Partnerships between UK Government and Industrial partners #DefenceGrowthPartnership
2.      International Partnerships and alliances are critical to our security, export success and prosperity
3.      Our People; Government Industry career mobility and experience, Zig Zag and Portfolio careers #DGPSecondees #UKDSC #Alumni
4.      Strengthening our Science, Innovation & Technological base #3LensAnalysis #CrossSectorInnovations

UKDSC’S CEO Samira Braund commented ‘At the UKDSC we welcome the publication of the refreshed Defence Command Paper, specifically the focus given to early industry engagement and the partnerships between Government and industry which are critical to export success. UKDSC plays a key role in bringing Government and industry together around strategic priorities under the Defence Growth Partnership.’

Since 2015, circa 120 industry secondees from DGP companies have spent time working at the UK Defence Solutions Centre. Our secondee’s have enjoyed new experiences and benefitted from involvement within the DGP Government – Industry partnership model.
Members of our UKDSC secondee Alumni are now working in a wide variety of roles across our sector.

UKDSC Communications

UKDSC Communications

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