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Market Intelligence Programme – Phase 2

Working in partnership with the Department for International Trade’s Defence & Security Organisation (DSO), the UK Defence Solution Centre (UKDSC) has launched the second phase of the jointly operated market intelligence programme. Phase 2 will focus mainly on potential opportunities in Asia-Pacific. The Phase 2 programme of work is scheduled to be completed by end December 2016. The final 3 phases will be launched, and completed, in 2017.


The outputs from Phase 2 will feed the UKDSC’s Market Intelligence Cell (MIC). The MIC is a unique resource; it delivers deeper insights into defence export markets to help industry and government better understand international partners’ needs. Ultimately, this intelligence information will be coordinated with DSO and aid decision making on medium to long term, strategic international defence export opportunities across the UK value chain.


Andrew Radcliffe, Executive Director Business at the UKDSC said: “The UKDSC is helping to develop a unique, systematic and codified database of defence export market insights and market intelligence information. This programme of work brings together the knowledge of UK Government, DGP partner companies, independent consultants, and other sources. It is a real ‘first’.




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