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Industry workshop on Market Analysis

On 17 October a cross industry and government workshop was held with IHS Markit to extend and deepen evaluation of the core markets. All 15 DGP partner companies were represented at the workshop along with representatives from the Department for International Trade Defence and Security Organisation and the Ministry of Defence.

The workshop was opened by Sir Brian Burridge, Chairman of the UKDSC and Harry Kemsley, Global VP IHS Janes and brought together country specialists to facilitate in depth analysis regarding future threat scenarios and potential capability needs. The objective of the workshop was to analyse which capability themes would be needed in the 2021-2030 timeframe. The workshop developed a collaborative                                                                                                                              view of the most attractive prospects to take forward.

The workshop generated high quality outputs. The next steps are to consolidate the outputs from the workshop and to prepare a report which will, amongst other things:

  • Align with the capability themes in the context of UKs industrial capabilities
  • Fortify the potential opportunity size
  • Address market entry options

This is the second phase of market analysis that the UKDSC has undertaken with both industry and government. Andrew Radcliffe, an Executive Director at the UKDSC said:

“The UKDSC identifying those capability themes that offer the greatest potential for strategic and enduring defence relationships over the next 5-15 years. It is a new way of working; bringing together industry analysis, government and independent experts to develop a coherent view of the best way forward”

The third phase of country analysis will start early next year.



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