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Industry Briefing Day Zero-Emission (At Point of Use) Training Aircraft

The UK Defence Solutions Centre has been tasked with supporting MoD by undertaking a capability assessment on the topic of ‘Zero-Emission (At Point of Use)
Training Aircraft’.

The RAF’s Air Cap is developing strategies and options for an air system to be powered using a powerplant and energy/fuel source that produces no emissions at point of use; an activity known as Project TELUM. The work of the UKDSC will support the MoD in the development of an assessment of UK industrial capability, capacity and technology maturity to inform Project TELUM.

The UKDSC will develop their analysis using the Capability Priority Collaboration Process (CPCP) in support of Project TELUM. The CPCP explores and assesses the alignment
between the MoD requirements, UK industrial capability/capacity and international export opportunities to support UK prosperity.

The overall objectives of this activity are to:

  • Develop a better understanding of the UK industrial
    capability/capacity to meet Project TELUM’s timeframe
  • Identify potential innovative solutions that may reside in
    adjacent sectors
  • Align programmes and practices between MOD, other
    government departments, the civil sector and industry to
    maximise the effectiveness of R&D budgets

Capt Steve Bolton RNProject TELUM SRO
Gp Capt Peter HackettHd of Flight Test, RAF RCO
Bill PowellHd of Strategic Capability & Innovation, UKDSC

Please click the link below to register.


NB: As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, numbers for attendance in person is strictly limited


Linda Cabrera

Linda Cabrera

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