Our Charter of Trust

The UKDSC is an innovative and agile one-stop-shop for academia to connect it’s rich source of concepts and skills into the defence industry and the UK Government.
We understand the highly valuable innovation that academia brings to our economy, and the multiple applications that can be drawn from academic research and programmes into the UK defence industry. We are passionate about partnering with academia to explore the knowledge and innovation from their developments into multiple applications that could be related to innovation or defence.
We make it easier for academia and industry to work together. We bring velocity to any engagement between them, because we’re connected to academic developments at the earliest stages, and quickly map a parallel application for that development to the defence sector.
We’re a reliable and trusted partner, and we’re also a useful connection to sources of funding, connecting the right people to the right funding source as soon as possible.

The UKDSC has established this ‘Charter of Trust’ to create trust, ensure confidentiality and allow discussion to be conducted in a controlled manner which encourages discussion and sharing for the benefit of all involved.

The over-riding principle is:

The organisation treats all information it receives as sensitive and confidential.

Charter of trust


  • It will only discuss, publicly or with others, its generalised findings and will not reveal specific information nor its sources.
  • The organisation(s) dealing with the UKDSC can specify their expectations around the use and confidentiality of the information discussed and/or shared.
  • The UKDSC will, where necessary, establish information barriers internally to prevent exchanges of information that could cause conflicts of interest.
  • The UKDSC Executive Board, and employees are each bound to ensure confidentiality.
  • The UKDSC’s premises and systems adhere to the highest standards of security and protection.
  • The Board is committed to a formal annual review of the Charter.