In many areas, defence is now lagging behind advances in commercial markets. The UKDSC uses open innovation from within the UK value chain to exploit commercial and defence technologies together.

The result is significant military and economic advantages for the entire value chain. For the UKDSC, this is our standard operating procedure.

The Story So Far

In our short history we’ve already achieved two significant innovation successes.

  • The Innovation Challenge: A Ministry of Defence-funded competition to create new technologies to solve defence challenges. There were more than 40 winners in the first phase, covering areas like Persistent Surveillance from the Air, Agile Immersive Mission Training, and Autonomy & Big Data. Phase two of the competition is testing some of those innovations in more realistic environments.
  • The Innovation and Collaborative Engagement Lab is a physical space where the UK value chain and international customers can come together to collaborate, innovate, test, and simulate future capabilities to meet current and future needs. It tests the ‘art of the possible’ and takes a layer of risk out of the process of developing new capabilities

Bringing Innovation Together

The UKDSC can bring the whole UK value chain together in a spirit of open, impartial innovation. Each party benefits from collaborating with the UKDSC. Smaller companies can expose their innovative technology to a wider audience – quickly. Academia can get in front of the right people in industry without lengthy negotiations. And larger companies can access the wider world of technology, not just the defence industry.

Drawn together using the UKDSC’s innovation and collaboration techniques, UK defence industry customers get innovative capabilities to meet their current needs – and grow and adapt to meet their future requirements.

Why We’re Different

We are the only organisation that intentionally brings together all the different parts of the UK value chain – government, large organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and academia – to deliver something bigger than the sum of its parts.

What’s even more important is that the UKDSC is impartial, with no financial stake in any of the commercial outcomes, no aspiration to own intellectual property and no contracts. Instead, we’re working to put innovation at the heart of UK defence.

Get Involved

Come and talk to us. The UKDSC is keen to engage with all parts of the UK value chain and many types of customers.

The UKDSC is creating an open innovation ecosystem to:

  • encourage collaboration and engagement within the UK value chain to deliver competitive advantage
  • spot innovation inside and outside the UK defence industry
  • find new methods and sources to fund innovation.

Bringing together the best of the public and private sectors, along with our unique relationships, the UKDSC brings the best of the UK to the rest of the world.