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Rob Gathergood, Requirements and Market Intelligence Analyst

As I come to the end of my time here with UKDSC working in the Market Intelligence Cell, I reflect on my 6 month secondment away from my host company Raytheon UK. In my role as a Requirements and Market Intelligence Analyst I have focused primarily on coordinating and delivering the Phase III country analysis, which provides industry insight to future capability opportunities for 8 countries. As of July the Market Intelligence Cell will hold information for 24 countries, all of which is readily available for DGP founder members, UKDSC Associates and Community of Interest participants to access.

My role in the UKDSC has been an exciting and engaging opportunity working in a dynamic environment with both government and industry. My day to day jobs varied markedly and included; generating intelligence reports and briefings for the capability team, hosting companies in the Market Intelligence Cell, supporting DSO in the creation of country strategy packs, attending industry and government events, collating industry inputs for our Phase III analysis work, reviewing recent defence acquisitions and updating our market intelligence accordingly, and more.

On the 14th of June I attended an event hosted by the Defence and Security Accelerator where they showcased the winners of their competition to “Revolutionise the Human Information Relationship for Defence”. Over 30 companies provided overviews of their innovative concepts and solutions and how they can improve the way information is managed in a defence and security environment. This is one example of the interesting events I have been able to attend during my time with the UKDSC.

I would highly recommend working for the UKDSC; regularly working with a range of industry partners and various levels of government has provided me with invaluable experience in the defence sector which will benefit my future career.

Rob Gathergood – Requirements and Market Intelligence Analyst




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