Our Vision

Our Vision

To be recognised as a trusted and impartial centre of defence expertise in the pre-competitive phase, displaying innovation to help shape and satisfy customers’ defence needs and to promote the development of UK defence industrial capability.

The UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC) will pursue this vision and contribute, alongside other areas of the DGP, to delivering an aspirational vision of the future which might look like this. UK defence exports will be thriving, delivering growth and prosperity to the UK economy. The UK export campaigns will be seamless between UK Government support and the actions of UK industry, to exploit high-value export opportunities with the best of British defence solutions.

Our Mission

To strengthen the defence sectors’ performance through partnering, contributing to the security and the prosperity of our Customers and the UK.

It is important to recognise that the UK Defence Solutions Centre’s (UKDSC) purpose is to contribute not only to the prosperity of the UK, but to the prosperity and security of the customer’s nation. As the UK has recognised, prosperity enables security and vice versa. Export customers are demanding more in the area of indigenous industry development, knowledge and technology transfer, so it is important to ensure these requirements are captured and addressed. The UKDSC believes that the greatest potential for developing enduring, successful trading relationships with overseas countries will be where mutual interests align in this way.