Our Value Proposition

The UKDSC gives every part of the UK value chain the opportunity to be part of a world-first, step change, in how industry, government and academia work together. An approach we coined, team UK.

Our Approach – team UK

The “team UK” approach offers customers a way of benefiting from the full breadth of UK defence and security capabilities through working in partnership to meet emerging defence and security needs.

The UKDSC brings key parts of the UK value chain together to respond differently, more cohesively and more innovatively to customers’ needs and doesn’t champion particular companies. It’s a simple approach, based on trust, integrity and respect. And it sets the UK apart.

The UKDSC works with the best of the UK including, Small and medium-sized enterprises, industry, academia and the UK Government all to create tailored world-class defence capabilities, technologies, services and even business models in the pre-competitive space.

Engagement 2

Using the inclusive “team UK” approach, the UKDSC first assesses a customer’s needs, then matches these needs with the considerable skills, capabilities and talent in the UK value chain – creating the ideal team and conditions:

  • Stimulating global awareness of an organisations’ skills and capabilities.
  • Providing open access to other innovations and possibilities for partnership.
  • Serving as a forum for the free exchange of advice and guidance.

In addition to the significant benefits set out above, being part of a UKDSC Community of Interest makes it easier to do business with everyone else in the value chain.

Getting Involved

Organisations can apply to come to the UKDSC to utilise the ICE Lab, access the Market Intelligence Cell and a range of UKDSC publications like the UKDSC Strategy document, marketing material and video publications.

For more information or to apply for our offerings, please click here.

Associate Members

Additionally, organisations can apply to join as an Associate Member. Strong candidates for Associate Member status would be those who can demonstrate they are major/critical suppliers to the MoD, UK based and with a broad range of capabilities.

Companies may join the UKDSC as an Associate Member if they are prepared to commit resources to assist the operation of the UKDSC on an enduring basis.

Communities of Interest

The UKDSC will encourage broad participation in its activities on a case-by case basis. Companies may become recognised members of a community of interest if they an interest and a desire to become involved in a specific activity.


  • To qualify as a member of a community of interest the company must be UK based and contribute to UKDSC output.
  • UKDSC Community of Interest participants may be required to sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement.

If your organisation is interested in applying to be a member of a Community of Interest, download and complete this COI application form and return it to the UKDSC.