Develop UK Capability

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Intelligent planning

UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC) Capability Roadmapping is just one way the UKDSC gives the UK value chain a coordinated and coherent view of future defence export requirements. Experts analyse UK defence and commercial industry capabilities to identify Capability and Technology Roadmaps. This analysis of the UK value chain highlights where the UK has strengths to meet a customer’s needs, as well as areas that need development in order to win.

Stories matter

UKDSC roadmapping provides a clear understanding of current capabilities and their maturation, laying out a comprehensive landscape of the subject area. Identifying gaps and limitations in capabilities is an important stage of the analysis, because those gaps highlight strategic and opportunistic interventions that focus research and development (R&D) spend more accurately.

This roadmapping technique also helps stakeholders understand the relationships between multiple sets of information about a customer’s needs and the available capabilities . These relationships form ‘stories’ that provide an in-depth understanding of the problem space, and may help identify alternate plans to address the gaps.

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Everyone wins

The roadmaps identify tangible actions for the UK value chain to deliver. From larger actions, like adding export requirements to a UK procurement programme, to smaller ones, like initiating or re-scoping a lower-level technology programme. The more involvement there is from across the value chain, the higher the probability of winning the business:

  • Small and medium enterprises (SME’s) have a better view of potential market opportunities, and a clearer path to potential exploitation routes through bigger defence companies.
  • Bigger defence companies can see the value of a collaborative approach to meeting a customer’s needs, with increased chances of winning the business.
  • International delegations have confidence in the UK’s systematic approach to addressing their needs as an export customer.

The road to success

With the UKDSC approach to roadmapping, and the solid analysis it provides, the UK value chain can confidently explore:

  • the trends and drivers from global (political, economic, social, technology, legal, environment – PESTLE), market, customer, and competitor perspectives
  • potential markets
  • industry capability (strengths and weaknesses)
  • technologies required to provide these capabilities
  • supporting activities that enable or block the implementation and/or exploitation of the roadmap.

Get involved

Wherever you are in the UK value chain, we want to hear from you. The UKDSC has established Communities of Interest (CoI’s) for a number of different workstreams:

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Future topics

The UKDSC will continue to develop different workstreams, and below are 13 topics that are currently being reviewed. Please do get in touch if the topics below are of interest to your organisation.

  • Aircraft (Fixed Wing & Rotary) Upgrade
  • Anti-Ship Weapons (Land & Air Launched)
  • Combat Air – Support to Indigenous Capability Development
  • Cyber & Electronic Warfare
  • Force Protection
  • Fast Jet Trainer Aircraft
  • Layered Integration / Ground Based Air Defence
  • National Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Space Based Capability (Including Support to Indigenous Capability Development)
  • Strategic Command and control
  • Surface Ships
  • Through Life Service Provision
  • Underwater Systems / Submarines