The UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC) gives every part of the UK value chain the opportunity to be part of a world-first step change in how industry, government and academia work together. Any element of the UK value chain can apply to be part of it.
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Team UK

The UKDSC is completely impartial. It doesn’t champion particular companies or teams to UK defence industry customers. Instead, it takes a “’Team UK’” approach. The UKDSC brings key parts of the UK value chain together to respond differently, more cohesively and more innovatively to customers’ needs. It’s a simple approach, based on trust, integrity and respect. And it sets the UK apart.

The UKDSC works with the best of the UK. Small and medium-sized enterprises, industry, academia and the UK Government all to create tailored world-class defence capabilities, technologies, services and even business models in the pre-competitive space. This approach will help push the UK to the top of the global defence industry.

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Be part of the change

Open innovation is core to how the UKDSC meets customers’ needs, and it is stimulating thinking and generating a lot of interest, for good reason.
Working with the UKDSC:

  • – Stimulates global awareness of organisations’ skills and capabilities
  • – Provides open access to other innovations and possibilities for partnership
  • – Serves as a forum for the free exchange of advice and guidance.


This approach works, so why not join UKDSC’s activity?

What’s in it for your organisation?

In addition to the significant benefits set out above, being part of a UKDSC Community of Interest makes it easier to do business with everyone else in the value chain.

Using the inclusive “Team UK” approach, the UKDSC first assesses a customer’s needs, then matches these needs with the considerable skills, capabilities and talent in the UK value chain – creating the ideal team.

The UKDSC is actively seeking strong candidates to work with, to understand and explore challenging scenarios, and jointly develop innovative capabilities to meet the real-world needs of tomorrow.


How to Engage

There are a number of ways your organisation can engage with UKDSC.

Accessing the UKDSC – Get Started:

The diagram below describes the four tiers of UKDSC membership:

Joining a UKDSC Community of Interest – Get Connected:

COI members will get access to the respective UKDSC Capability Roadmap whereby helping to contribute to the development of them.

The UKDSC has established Communities of Interest (CoI’s) for a number of different workstreams:

If your organisation is interested in applying to be a member of a COI, download and complete this COI application form and return it to the UKDSC

Becoming a UKDSC Associate Member – Get Fully Engaged: 

Organisations may apply to become a UKDSC Associate Member by writing to the UKDSC CEO to explore the potential for engagement. In addition to the above Associate Members will get access to all working UKDSC Capability Roadmaps.