• Will Dean, Research Assistant

    31 March 2017

    March has seen the usual high tempo of activities at UKDSC. Working front of house means that I benefit from meeting all of our visitors, which allows me to regularly engage with the DGP founders,…

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  • Paul Winstanley, Executive Director Innovation

    7 March 2017

          Within UKDSC I’m quite unusual (no comments please) as I’m one of the four fixed term employees as opposed to an industrial secondee. My role is to run the Investment and Innovation…

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  • Secondee Blog: Simon Drinkall, Head of Strategy

    25 January 2017

    Just over a year ago, I started a secondment working for the UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC) at Farnborough and its hard believe we are already in 2017! During the first half of last year,…

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  • Secondee Blog: Chris Todd, Business Architect

    21 December 2016

    The opportunity to work in a unique and independent partnership between the UK Government and the UK Defence Industry was the huge pull in joining the organisation and since working here for the past 15…

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  • Secondee Blog: Mark Daniell, Capability Development Architect

    21 November 2016

    The last two weeks have certainly proven that no two weeks are ever the same for some of the Strategy Team’s activities within the UKDSC. We are responsible for a number of activities ranging from…

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  • Secondee Blog: Afzal Ali, Expert Systems Engineer

    14 October 2016

    This has been a typical week for me in the Modelling, Simulation & Synthetic Environments (MSSE) team, switching between our own MSSE portfolio development work and supporting both the Capability Development and Market Intelligence Cell…

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