As set out in the UK Defence Solutions Centre Strategy document, it’s focused on three subject areas that will ultimately improve innovation and investment in the UK defence market, grow the UK’s standing in international defence markets, and deliver economic benefit to the UK as a whole:

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  • Focus on the customer
  • Develop UK capability
  • Improve the value of investment.

All UKDSC projects and work streams deliver on the objectives of these subject areas. Those projects and work streams are making a step change in how UK industry collaborates and innovates to offer solutions that meet the future needs of export customers, and offer potential opportunities for the UK Armed Forces:

  • Market Intelligence Cell – a unique, systematic and codified approach to defence export market insights, intelligence and analysis.
  • Capability Roadmapping – experts analyse UK defence and commercial industry capabilities to identify Capability and Technology Roadmaps that can benefit customer’s future needs.
  • Exploiting innovation – the UKDSC uses open innovation from within the UK value chain to exploit commercial and defence technologies together, for example through UKDSC Innovation Challenges
  • Supporting the innovation agenda – by identifying and developing a variety of investment models for UK defence innovations, to increase the probability that innovations will move from concept to military capability.
  • Innovation and Collaborative Engagement (ICE) Lab – the UKDSC has built the ICE Lab, a visualization and collaboration facility that brings together teams that wouldn’t normally collaborate on projects, to picture how future concepts and innovative UK defence capabilities can address stakeholder needs. The ICE Lab provides exploitation routes for new and innovative defence capabilities and takes a layer of risk out of the process of developing new deployable capabilities.