UKDSC Vision

To be recognised as a trusted and impartial centre of defence expertise in the pre-competitive phase, displaying innovation to help shape and satisfy customers’ defence needs and to promote the development of UK defence industrial capability.


Vision Image

The UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC) will pursue this vision and contribute, alongside other areas of the DGP, to delivering an aspirational vision of the future which might look like this. UK defence exports will be thriving, delivering growth and prosperity to the UK economy. The UK export campaigns will be seamless between UK Government support and the actions of UK industry, to exploit high-value export opportunities with the best of British defence solutions.

Within UK industry there will be a better understanding of future export requirements for capabilities, products and services and the collaborations required to deliver them. Potential gaps in capability will be identified and remedied to avoid jeopardising export campaigns. The UK Ministry of Defence procurement programme will benefit from export sales, economies of scale, and inward investment and collaboration on new and better capabilities. Trends and drivers will be analysed to ensure that UK industry is investing efficiently in the right capabilities, and further innovation will be stimulated if required. New investment, through new models from the UK and overseas, will complement existing funds to ensure promising technologies are developed – from low Technology Readiness Levels, right up to the point of implementation. This will be achieved through the work of the UK’s Trade and Investment – Defence and Security Organisation (UKTI DSO) and the UKDSC, placing UK innovation at the heart of the global defence supply chain.